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West Nile virus strikes AGAIN in one Georgia county

26 Julio 2017, 06:44 | Faron Santos

West Nile virus found in three Vermont towns

West Nile virus now in 4 Colorado counties, Dept. of Public Health says

At this point, there is no threat to humans, but that could change later this Summer, according to officials.

Brilliant collaboration and cooperation between a number of agencies has gotten our County through potential flood mitigation efforts. Apply mosquito repellent to areas of exposed skin. "When we see rain in the forecast we start planning after its done raining for new standing water and areas". This water is beginning to recede in these locations. Both WNV and EEE are caused by viruses transmitted by mosquitoes, and both may cause encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain. "These areas are not located inside mosquito abatement districts". The State trapping program will continue through October 2017.

Think we're well clear of any dangers of mosquito-borne southern diseases like Zika? Previous year the virus was detected in horses and birds in the Kootenays, confirming the virus is present there as well. The mosquitoes trapped (Culex pipiens) are generally bird and mammal biting which breed in standing water often found in artificial containers like discarded tires, birdbaths and catch basins. This testing is done with carbon dioxide traps being used to collect adult mosquitoes.

"The heavy rain we've had this summer coupled with the high temperatures creates the ideal habitat for mosquitoes", said KCHD Environmental Health Director Ronnie Nease.

During the months of July and August, the risk of West Nile virus is at its peak, according to an Interior Health Authority media release.

She added this doesn't mean the risk of catching the virus will decrease.

"We can't predict how the summer is going to turn out".

"About 10 percent of people who develop a neurologic infection due to West Nile virus will die".

The virus is mostly risky to birds and horses, but has a chance of being deadly for people with low immune systems.

"However this measure only helps to reduce the mosquito population, not eliminate it. They don't go find one that will work on horses", he said.

Of course, the mantra of politicians and mosquito control alike is that much of the onus falls on residents.

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