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Update and Setup Samsung's Bixby Assistant Voice Control — How To

20 Julio 2017, 02:56 | Verda Sainz

Like Google Assistant, even Samsung came up with it's digital assistant named Bixby Voice. A rumor last month claimed that Galaxy S9 will be using a new AMOLED screen technology and proprietary Bixby assistant will include new features (currently undisclosed).

We're looking at a button-less front again while the left and right sides will still be slightly curved. The smart speaker market is only going to get more crowded, yes, but as Bixby gets better, a smart speaker feels inevitable.

Samsung then launched a beta test for U.S. users to help it improve Bixby. DJ Koh, Samsung mobile chief, revealed to Taiwan reporters that they will introduce the new Note device in August, according to Taiwanese outlet ePrice. Till date, over 100,000 Galaxy S8 and S8+ users have registered for the early access initiative.

Samsung may take a wait-and-see attitude rather than hurriedly jumping into the uncertain market with a new device, whose functions are no different from existing devices by rivals. More details will be unveiled officially by the South Korean giant in the coming days.

Bixby has been available on the Galaxy S8 in the US, but lacked arguably the most important feature of the service - voice interaction. It will likely go on sale September through October depending on the country, he added. So if you were to tell it to change your destination in Google Maps, Bixby would do it-Siri wouldn't. But Bixby can also complete multi-app, complex requests like creating a photo album of all the images a user took in a given timeframe and calling it "Vacation", and then sharing those photos with family and friends.

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