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United States slaps Iranians with sanctions over 'malign' activity

19 Julio 2017, 12:05 | Faron Santos

However, it is worth noting that the Iranian Regime was economically on its knees when it came to the table to negotiate sanctions relief in exchange for dismantling its nuclear programme.

The Treasury Department on Tuesday blacklisted 18 individuals and entities for supporting Iran's military and Revolutionary Guards Corps, accusing them of trying to build ballistic missiles and steal US computer software and of harassing USA naval vessels.

The state department said it was blacklisting two groups linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guard for their alleged role in developing ballistic missile technology.

Iran is getting "contradictory signals" from U.S. President Donald Trump's administration about the fate of its landmark nuclear deal with world powers, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on July 17.

U.S. government officials announces this morning (Tuesday), that Iran meets required conditions of its nuclear deal with the world powers, but clarifies that Tehran still remains a major threat.

The deal does not address global concerns about Iran's non-nuclear activities, but also doesn't prevent the US and others from punishing Iran for those activities. He chose not to elaborate on the issue until the State Department's full statement regarding the Iran deal.

At the White House news briefing earlier Monday, spokesman Sean Spicer said, "The president, from throughout the campaign until now, has made very clear that he thinks it's a bad deal".

Tillerson has said his goal is a new deal, or at least significant provisions to strengthen the existing one.

Iranian lawmakers also on Tuesday passed a single-urgency bill, which designates U.S. military forces and intelligence services as supporters of terrorist groups in the Middle East. Zarif said in an interview with the National Interest magazine in NY, "and we will discuss that in the joint commission to make sure that the shortcomings by the United States are remedied".

Trump vowed to dismantle the historic agreement while he was a candidate, but he's given himself more time to determine whether to follow through on that pledge.

The Pentagon has also repeatedly voiced concern over a string of high-profile incidents in waters off Iran involving Iranian vessels.

"The US will continue to use sanctions to target those who lend support to Iran's destabilising behavior and above all, the US will never allow the regime in Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon", the spokesperson said.

The administration's announcement was part of a pattern emerging in its treatment of Iran: Even when acknowledging that Iran is doing something that it wants, the administration nonetheless looks at other ways to increase pressure on the Islamic Republic.

The problem with that, Lake notes, is that neither Congress, the White House, nor the other seven signatories of the agreement were prepared for such a move, administration officials said.

THE WEEKLY STANDARD reported last week that the White House had chose to recertify Iranian compliance with the terms of the 2015 deal negotiated between the Obama administration and the Iranian government (cumbersomely known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA).

It said all 18 supported Iran's ballistic missile programme or the elite Republican Guards Corp.

"Well, we've taken a route that has been prescribed within the nuclear deal..."

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