Julio 21, 2018

Teens who recorded, mocked drowning disabled man charged for their involvement

22 Julio 2017, 08:12 | Faron Santos

Teens who recorded, mocked drowning disabled man charged for their involvement

Teens who recorded, mocked drowning disabled man charged for their involvement

A group of teens between 14 and 16 years old saw the man in distress - but instead of rushing to help, or even calling 911, they instead began filming the whole thing while loudly mocking the man, even as he screamed for help. According to spokesperson Yvonne Martinez, the state attorney's office confirmed "there wasn't anything criminal we could charge them with".

"Yeah, he dead, but he gone", one teen said.

"You could say there is no crime in not being a good Samaritan". The kids laughed. "He keeps putting his head under", another boy said.

As the man kept screaming for help the teens did not call police, and he eventually submerged under the murky water for the last time. "Even if you were afraid to go and help. get them, why didn't you call for help?"

Teens who laughed at a man they filmed drowning in a Cocoa, Florida, pond and failed to help earlier this month may not have broken any laws in the state.

This was on July 9, around 1 p.m., in a park in Cocoa, Florida, according to CNN, Florida Today and The New York Times.

"They want to blame someone". "The family is frustrated", she said, and "the detectives are frustrated, that we can not hold anyone accountable for this".

After the outcry, Archer's office and the police circled back on a statute that came up in the initial discussion.

That's because people aren't legally required to jump in and save someone under Florida law. They didn't seem to have any grief about the incident.

Martinez said they don't know why Dunn got into the retention pond. A home surveillance camera near the pond captured the incident, Martinez said.

While authorities could identify all of the teenagers, investigators initially said they did not commit a criminal act. "Everybody is just horrified by this".

A friend of Dunn's saw the video on social media and turned it into police. The group watched Mr Dunn, who used a cane, walk into the fenced-off pond.

Dunn was reported missing that same day.

The names of the teenagers involved in the incident were not released to the public.

During one interview, an officer says one of the teens just stared straight ahead and offered "only a smirk" while the boy's mother cried.

"I'm hoping to get a petition, or some kind of legislation, started, and I would like to call it Dunn's Right to Duty", she said.

Dunn's sister, Simone McIntosh, said she is planning to push the Florida Legislature to enact a law that would make a situation like her brother's death a felony offense.

"(Okay), I agree they don't have to help, but they should have called 9-1-1", she wrote Thursday on Facebook.

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