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'Splatoon 2' Review - So Close to Multiplayer Perfection

19 Julio 2017, 12:41 | Verda Sainz

Splatoon 2 provides a second chance at life for the Wii U's best game, drawing in a new Switch audience with the staples that made the first game great and adding just enough quality of life adjustments and new modes to entice veterans.

"The voice chat will disconnect while you're talking on the phone or using another application, but your voice chat will restart in the same room once you open the Nintendo Switch Online application again as long as the game session is still ongoing", reads the FAQ.

It's worth pointing out that some people have had a little difficulty in downloading and signing into the app at this time, as Nintendo appears to still be in the process of bringing the servers online.

In another news, the upcoming instalment of Splatoon game is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 21 July. As we got started on this colourful adventure, we were plopped into the hub world, Inkopolis, which returns from the first game, and here you can access customisation options, weapons, Hero Mode (the single-player portion of the game), lobbies, and generally socialise with other players, either by actually talking or by drawing pictures, playing arcade games, etc. Shifting between humanoid Inkling and fully squidified forms remains as simple and intuitive as ever, and aiming and moving using the Joy-Con's motion sensing - while mechanically the same as waving the the Wii U's gamepad around - feels more precise than in the first game, allowing more accurate shots. Functionality that it had offered for free on its other gaming devices. Specifically, the app will let you see your Splatoon 2 stats and show them off on social media, shop for new gear, or see the schedule of the rotating multiplayer stages. Above all else, Splatoon 2 radiates silly, squiddy fun throughout; a don't-miss title when you take the plunge and pick up a Switch. Usually, there are lots of players who quit because of poor internet connection such as those who play "Mobile Legends" and "Dota 2". It's baffling that Splatoon 2's best feature is held back by a frustrating lack of proper online support, and in many ways, it's the same game with some new tricks.

With Splatoon 2 set to launch on Friday, Best Buy is planning to have Switch consoles in stock as well.

The early release of the app is a good thing considering what happened in the past with online games like Pokémon Go. While it's easier to move around worlds as a squid using the ink you've already laid down, re-entering the mode takes all of that ink away. The only legitimate concern here is Nintendo's problematic plans for online multiplayer, but that's not an isolated issue because all Nintendo games are affected by the company's uncertain infrastructure. Running at full 1080p and 60fps docked and 720p/60fps in handheld mode, Splatoon 2 is quite the sight to behold. They offer a knowing redux of the original sisters' pre-match chatter, albeit with a far less catchy slogan of "don't get cooked, stay off the hook". But then, in a world of yearly Call of Duty and Federation Internationale de Football Association games that have improvements that are minimal to say the least, why shouldn't Nintendo use what they've already got and just add a few extra bits on, rather than reinvent the wheel or, indeed, upend the tea table as Miyamoto famously does.

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