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Reince Priebus replaced as White House chief of staff

30 Julio 2017, 06:58 | Bibiana Flor

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Priebus latest high-profile departure from Trump admin

So to sum up, this White House is a dysfunctional collection of backstabbing, ego-driving, type-A personalities trying to outdo one another to get the big man's attention.

In the swirl of Shakespearean intrigue that surrounds Donald Trump's White House, Priebus' fortunes have always been a source of speculation, given his limited role, colorful band of rivals and the president's public slights.

El secretario general de la Casa Blanca Reince Priebus habla con algunas personas en el Salón Este de la residencia presidencial, el 26 de julio de 2017. He's - well, hang on a second.

The difference now, he said, is that Trump has created a faction-driven White House, noting: "I just think he has too many independent power centers and not enough team players".

"He's a guy who wants to do the job as best he can, and the last thing he wants to have to deal with is the political sniping that I'm sure is going on", Panetta said in an interview. But he intuitively determined that it was time to do something differently. "Right now, I have no reason to believe that Mueller is compromised".


General John Kelly is a lot like Donald Trump.

The newspaper quoted "people close to the defence secretary" as saying Mr Mattis was "appalled" that Mr Trump had revealed such a decision on Twitter.

"Sometimes you feel alone and besieged", said a Kelly confidante who also knows the president.

BENNETT: Well, he tweeted.

President Donald Trump fired off a tweet on Friday announcing that retired Gen. John Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Security, has been named the new White House chief of staff.

He led the Southern Command, where he oversaw USA military operations in South and Central America, including the southern border, and he formed a tough immigration stance. He's been a true star of my administration.

Present was Reince Priebus, the Republican Party chair who later became White House chief of staff, a post that he resigned this week. "It's very frustrating. But that said, we have a sacred mission to protect the country and I'm proud of these people, and we'll protect them".

But Congressman Peter King, who accompanied Trump aboard the Air Force One to NY and back, told reporters that he saw no indication of Priebus exit during the flight.

"Trump sets the tone and Trump sets the structure", said another.

Tillerson this week denied reports that he planned to resign because of friction with the White House, where Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law who serves as a senior adviser, has taken on a prominent foreign policy role. "I think General Kelly is a brilliant pick".

Kelly has also pushed for support for Trump's signature campaign pledge to build a wall along the southern border, though he acknowledged at his confirmation hearing that "a physical barrier in and of itself will not do the job". "And you know, the president was great". In the notes, Comey said Trump had asked him to drop the FBI investigation into activities by former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Reince Priebus said "But I'm feeling good about the fact that he's making a change that makes him comfortable with moving forward".

Priebuss exit comes almost a week after press secretary Sean Spicer quit the White House, apparently unhappy over the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

The sanctions bill - which also includes measures targeting North Korea and Iran - is created to restrict Trump's ability to lift punitive measures on Moscow.

BENNETT: Yeah, in that - in that interview, he had some choice four-letter words for Steve Bannon. Now, Scaramucci's future at the White House is less clear, even if Trump reportedly "loved" the outburst. And so that was really the core of his issue with the two of them.

But it was the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci to communications director last Friday that set off Priebus' final unraveling. "And then, if you passed it, you joined the Marine Corps", he told NPR.

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