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ObamaCare repeal collapse could lead to higher prices, fewer options for consumers

30 Julio 2017, 10:59 | Bibiana Flor

Dennis Daugaard

Dennis Daugaard

A vote on the "skinny repeal" of only the ACA's individual mandate and its medical device tax, but whose real goal would be to trigger a conference committee that would buy time for Senate and House Republicans to rewrite the bill into a passable repeal-and-replace bill.

While Congress continues its negotiations to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Trump administration is taking steps that some say are an effort to weaken the law's impact.

"And the winners were going to be the middle-class and the healthy", Zolbrod said.

A lot is at stake, he said, noting that health care now accounts for almost 20 percent of the USA economy.

Zolbrod touted a single-payer system as a solution to the shortcomings of the current health care status quo, stressing that it was not socialized medicine but instead a framework in which the government pays premiums, gives vouchers and allows insurance companies to compete for consumers to cast vouchers with them for "hopefully zero dollars, or next to zero dollars". Home care can be far less costly - and deliver far better outcomes - than institutional care, but right now the system funnels disabled beneficiaries toward segregated lives in nursing homes and institutions. "It's an unsustainable model", he said. Last march, the new american president suffered a first setback when the senate rejected his proposal to repeal the law passed by his predecessor.

The plan would substitute a different form of tax credits, smaller for many people because they would be tied to skimpier health plans. "It could be devastating to some hospitals to have their uncompensated care. go up significantly".

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., the top Democrat on the Senate education committee, offered an unsuccessful amendment Friday morning to run McConnell's proposed bill through Alexander's committee before any full Senate vote.

The saga of the Affordable Care Act illustrates how hard it is to do away with a government program once millions are benefiting.

"We are ecstatic over here in Arkansas".

That, she said, could be done only "with your continued involvement". "Too many Georgians remain uninsured, continue to be burdened by high health care costs, face persistent health disparities or can not access care when and where they need it".

Numerous governors targeted have said no to the administration's offer, predicting that such low-income residents still could not afford the private coverage. The CBO score indicated that up to 16 million more people would be uninsured under the Health Care Freedom Act. President Harry Truman also unsuccessfully sought support for national health care.

Hoeven, a Republican, represents North Dakota in the U.S. Senate. But the Republican from Little Rock said the issue isn't going away.

"I think in the end they're going to have to stabilize these markets", he said.

These threats have gotten louder recently and Trump said Friday that he wanted to "let Obamacare implode".

An opportunity has come for Congress, Bishop Dewane said, "to set aside party and personal political interest and pursue the common good of our nation and its people, especially the most vulnerable".

The ACA is credited with helping the US achieve a record low uninsured rate.

Sister Keehan described that last-ditch effort to repeal major components of Obamacare as "poorly thought-out" and "harmful", hastily pulled together without input "from the people who take care of patients or even from the American public". He said that unless he is presented with legislation "quickly" that he would cut off what he called "BAILOUTS" of both the insurance industry and of lawmakers themselves. These claims are in direct contradiction to expert analyses or at very least incomplete and highly selective. We've got careers that depend upon having a health care system that works.

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