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McCain Blasts Obamacare Repeal Process, Moments After Voting to Advance It

29 Julio 2017, 11:27 | Faron Santos

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John Mc Cain Will Return To Help Pass Trumpcare After Receiving His Own World Class Treatment

President Donald Trump is blaming the Senate rules for the GOP's inability to pass a promised Obamacare repeal - even though party leaders brought up the bill on a fast-track procedure and still fell short of a majority. It was an encapsulation, in less than 60 hours, of how often he goes from friend to foe.

The return of the John McCain and a tiebreaker 51-50 vote from Vice President Mike Pence sent the Republican health care plan ahead to begin debate on the Senate floor on Tuesday (July 25).

With just 52 seats, the ruling Republican Party has a wafer-thin majority in the 100 member Senate. At this dark moment in American history, John McCain's courage is as transformative and heart-raising as the sight of the lights of an oncoming lifeboat to a drowning man; the recognition that however bleak the odds, never give up. Separate bills to replace, repeal and replace and even "skinny repeal" the ACA have all failed. Any version of the pending legislation that the Senate will now debate will make the average person in McCain's situation unable to afford premiums calculated to take account of conditions which many have at birth or, like McCain's glioblastoma, acquire through no fault of their own. John McCain swept a lot of nonsense aside and reminded us how "winning" really works in a democracy. The 80-year-old McCain had a visible scar above his left eye after doctors removed a blood clot earlier this month.

"I love this Lisa Murkowski story" Navarro said on CNN Friday.

He also chided the Senate for failing to get much done in 2017, with the exception of confirming conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

After opening with a joke about looking for weapons of mass destruction-not just tasteless, but stolen, and not just stolen, but stolen from George W. Bush, McCain ducks and dodges when asked about Dick Cheney's support of torture. It is a great pity, indeed a tragedy, that he and many other Republican senators didn't act upon his words.

The remarks from Trump, who has been largely absent from the policy debate, had the ring of a threat by a president who has grown frustrated watching Republicans repeatedly try, and fail, to reach consensus on his campaign promise to immediately roll back the health law and enact a better system. Five years before that, he was treated for melanoma on his face. It's not yet known whether the legislation will seek to replace President Barack Obama's health care law or simply repeal it. Yet fellow Republicans took McCain's return as a positive sign for Tuesday's vote.

The health industry has watched the debate nervously, and after the vote some groups urged the Senate to reconsider its approach.

The complicated relationship between McCain and McConnell stretches back long before the current health care debate.

The outcome McCain predicted came to pass - he made sure that it did.

But in light of rumors that the House could pass the bill as-is, they are looking for a guarantee from Ryan that that won't happen.

The idea was simple: Winning. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated the Senate's replacement Bill could lead to as many as 22 million fewer Americans being insured.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., the leader of the influential House Freedom Caucus, told reporters he is continuing discussions with senators, including Sen.

McCain, however, finished his speech by saying that after a lifetime as a Navy pilot, Vietnam prisoner of war, lawmaker and twice-defeated presidential candidate, being a senator is the most important job he's ever had.

But the very fact that he returned to vote to advance a health care bill that Democrats warn will deprive millions of Americans of coverage was a reminder that for all his deep friendships across the aisle in the Senate, the Arizona senator's staunch conservatism has rarely wavered.

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