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GoT 7 The Queen's Justice: Cersei Takes Revenge As Daenerys Keeps Faith

31 Julio 2017, 09:30 | Fidele Alvizo

GoT 7 The Queen's Justice: Cersei Takes Revenge As Daenerys Keeps Faith

GoT 7 The Queen's Justice: Cersei Takes Revenge As Daenerys Keeps Faith

The Third episode of GOT season 7 has been named "The Queen's Justice". Even by Game of Thrones' level. It's all coming to a head and you have to get rid of less important characters that the audience hasn't had the chance to invest in as much.

In fact, his father is a Targaryen, so illegitimate or not, Jon Snow carries some of the same blood that Daenerys does, as her brother's son. Dany will give Jon the dragonglass, and eventually it's assumed that Jon will honor Dany as the rightful heir to the throne. Between humor, embarrassing moments and disagreements, it is really the meeting between the fire and the ice that we witness - as Melisandre says so well. And Daenerys must have pulled a Jared Kushner and texted Varys to get her out of an awkward meeting, because he runs in before they can finish things. While Dany expects him to bend the knee, Jon refuses now that he's arrogant too and has his priorities focused on the army of the dead.

One saw the long-awaited first meeting between Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), the other depicted the death of a major character.

I'm going to miss her so much. It was evident when Baelish told her to mistrust everyone. With Euron capturing Tyene, Ellaria, as well as Yara, Cersei is absolutely spoiled for choice in King's Landing. This child could be the Prince or Princess who was promised, and he or she will be crucial to the ending of the great war. Something tells us that the alliance between Cersei and Euron is more than wobbly and that at any moment one might turn against the other.

Asking how Jamie would kill her, Jamie described the horrifying ways Cersei wanted it done and how he talked her down.

You'd think that Dany would be a little less judgmental about "unwashed barbarians" given her time with the Dothraki - or maybe they're the reason she places such importance on personal hygiene. There, they quickly overpower House Tyrell, and Jaime has a tense one-on-one chat with Lady Olenna. Cersei (Lena Headey) returns a gift. Rather than the friendly union we expected, Jon Snow would not bow to the Queen "who was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms". Furthermore, we need to tread carefully here because neither Jon Snow or Daenerys can be considered as a Prince or Princess.

There is a lot to unpack from "The Queen's Justice" and we're still collecting out thoughts.

The Stark reunion: Long lost in life and in vision, Bran Stark finally returned home to Winterfell and met fierce sister, Sansa.

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