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Google app on Android and iOS updated with personalized news feed

20 Julio 2017, 12:30 | Bibiana Flor

Google is rolling out new security protections to reduce the risk from unverified apps

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Google announced Wednesday, July 19, it was coming out with a new newsfeed experience for users of its Google application on Android and iOS.

Although the feed will contain trending content in areas of interest, less-current material may also be surfaced: the algorithms identify interests past and present, and may bring up material such as past news stories that fit with a particular interest, Google said.

The new Google Feed alongside the new Follow button are rolling out now to Android and iOS devices in the US.

Your feed will also evolve with you, and show more or less information about specific topics based on how much Google thinks you care about them. Because it tracks your history-what topics you search for, which sports teams you follow, which movie trailers you've viewed-the more you use Alphabet's platforms the smarter it becomes and the better it gets at recommending things to you. Google says that the feed will even have the ability to pull information and articles that, while not particularly new, may be very relevant to the user. If the user isn't happy with a topic given to them by Google, they can tap on the card or visit the Google app settings to unfollow it. Tap that, and you'll begin getting relevant news in your feed.

It combines the two functions as well, allowing you to click on certain topics to immediately perform a Google search for that item.

Beginning this week, new Apps Scripts requesting access to user data will also see the "unverified app" warning, as well as new language that asks users to "consider whether you trust" the application seeking permission.

Search Engine Land said Google, with the launch of this new feed experience, is bidding adieu to its Google Now brand, which launched in 2012. The primary feed will, however, still show some information from Now such as Google Calendar events.

Still, Google's new search feed won't behave exactly like social networks, according to company executives.

Now an update is going to be delivered by Google to its Google app introduced a year ago. With a feed, Google could command more user time inside search. Google Now was always ad-free, but when the feed (by any name) gathers so much data about what we like to watch, read, and do, it seems like only a matter of time before Google starts to put all that valuable data to good use.

It is only obvious to draw a comparison between Google Feed and the Facebook News Feed, which one can search for update from friends, family and various other sources.

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