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Donald Trump warns of slashing Obamacare subsidies

31 Julio 2017, 08:43 | Bibiana Flor

Donald Trump warns of slashing Obamacare subsidies

Donald Trump warns of slashing Obamacare subsidies

Earlier Friday, he tweeted, "3 Republicans and 48 Democrats let the American people down", after GOP leaders failed to patch party divisions and win passage for the last-ditch bill. "It blows my mind that we're probably not going to be here in August", House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said Friday on Fox News.

Speaking on a Texas radio show, Farenthold said, "Some of the people that are opposed to this, there are female senators from the Northeast. OK, you can have - I believe perhaps he is a war hero". That goal, which was one of Trump's top campaign promises, remains out of reach even with Republicans controlling both the White House and Congress. And historically, a new president uses his mandate to get a major initiative passed by the August recess.

At a House GOP conference Friday morning, Ryan reportedly recited the lyrics to "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", a metaphor he suggested for the sinking of the GOP's seven-year journey to repeal Obamacare. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski in opposing the measure, the senators ended a whirlwind week of hectic and sometimes weird procedural moves - including a stretch Thursday where GOP senators wanted to ensure the House couldn't approve their hastily crafted bill and send it to President Donald Trump - without health care reform. OK, maybe not that insane, but it capped off an abnormally dramatic process over a couple of weeks in Congress that we haven't really seen, at least in a while.

Republicans now face a huge political dilemma. Back in February, he predicted that a full repeal and replace of Obamacare is "not what is going to happen". "It makes it a must do". Obamacare repeal was never an animating spiritual force. Get to work following regular order in committees, taking testimony from people around the country, including those on Medicaid, getting health care providers, experts, insurers and state officials to offer constructive ideas.

"(Trump's) hurting his own people", Laszewski said. The issue has dominated the opening months of Trump's presidency. They've not done a thing to make that anger subside.

So while McCain and Graham will get the praise and McCain will reclaim his "Maverick" label, the real stars of this process are the two female Senators who withstood threats from their own party to vote "No". He said if McConnell abandons the health care drive, "he should resign from leadership". They must leave enough time for the rates to be submitted to the marketplaces, and then for the online exchanges that sell the coverage to be tested before enrollment for next year's plans begins on November 1.

Trump, too, will be grateful for the filibuster when he leaves office in (hopefully) eight years, because it will protect his legacy from Democrats, who will be eager to undo it.

But with three Republicans voting against the measure - Sens.

But it still wasn't clear how McCain would end up voting Thursday night.

There are, at this point, several paths available to Republicans and the White House.

The two Republicans subsequently apologized to each other. That's a magic Senate number, because it usually takes 60 to cut off debate, easing the path for party initiatives. But it also blocks many bad ones.

It was all the drama you couldn't even write into "House of Cards".

Steve Butterfield, of advocacy group Consumers for Affordable Health Care, called this an "unusual moment and everyone recognizes that".

A president with a vision for a better system and the will to see it enacted - a president other than Trump - would have invested the necessary time and attention to negotiate a bill that enough Republicans could agree on. Further deterioration "would be very negative for them", he said. "If they do what's right it could cost with the base, if they do nothing it will cost them in the general".

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